Thursday, December 21, 2006

But What's The Reason For Jesus?

At this time of year the "Christmas Wars" are again being fought.

People--that is Christians--will say that we must put "Christ back in Christmas! No more X-mas!" But my personal favorite remains the bold proclamation: "Jesus is the Reason for the Season!"

But what is the reason for Jesus?

The man in black, Johnny Cash, in his video God's Gonna Cut You Down offers us a sober reminder of the reason for Jesus and His birth. Jesus has come to save us from our sinfulness and to spare us the harsh judgment that Cash sing about in his song.

This is not to say that God will not cut us down--but it does mean that in Christ the cutting is therapeutic, a pruning away of our sinfulness rather than a cutting that is a casting away.

So yes, God in Jesus is "gonna cut you down" but from the cross of your own making. And 33 years from His birth, this new born child will ascend the cross in your place.

(A thoughtful reflection on Cash's video is offered by Russell Moore on Mere Comments. You can read Moore's essay here: "Cash Refund.")

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