Saturday, December 16, 2006

OCCIDENTALIS: Thoughts on Orthodox-Roman Relations (II)

Thoughts on Orthodox-Roman Relations (II)

By Anthony Bashir, Archbishop-Metropolitan, Syrian Archdiocese of North America

From Orthodoxy* (10:4, Autumn 1964)

In conclusion, and to avoid misunderstanding or exploitation by the popular press, I insist that these proposals are made as a loyal representative of the Orthodox Church who holds it to be the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church of the creed, outside of which there is no salvation. I am not glossing over the schism or heresy of the west, and by no means suggesting any other solution to division than the reunion of all Christians with the same Orthodox Church. If reunion cannot be accomplished by a restatement of the two positions, however, I do not see it as possible in any other way.

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