Friday, April 11, 2008

Eastern Christian Blog Awards

Josephus Flavius is hosting a new site Eastern Christian Blog Awards which he describes as "the initial website for the inaugural (often erroneously called "first annual" tsk tsk) Eastern Christian Blog Awards. Please click on the links below to submit names for submission in their respective fields. Feel free to submit more than one entry per category. Based on the number of submissions the voting will begin in 1 to 3 weeks."

The contest is straight forward and "open to all Eastern Christian blogs regardless of affiliation. Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Catholic, Assyrian Church of the East et al. are welcome and encouraged to be submitted for voting." The categories for the award are:

  • Best Blog on the Domestic Church: Blogging about everyday life informed by faith - family, home, work-life, and everything in between.
  • Best Individual Blog: Preeminent blog written by an individual.
  • Best Group Blog: Premier blog worked on by a group of people.
  • Best Church News Blog: Best blog at keeping up with current events and providing insightful commentary.
  • Best Theology Blog: Most well regarded blog on matters theological. This doesn't require lofty examinations of arcane topics, but perspicacity that enlightens and provokes thoughtful discussion.
  • Funniest Blog: A blog that is simply, unequivocally funny.
  • Most Visually Attractive Blog: A blog that either presents beautiful images on a regular basis, has a well designed blog format, or in some other way is pleasing to the eye.

You can contact Josephus Flavius either by following the link in the title or by emailing him ecawards at gmail dot com.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory

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