Friday, May 01, 2009

Responding to Your Comments

My recent series of posts on the situation of the American Orthodox Church has generated several, very thoughtful and challenging responses from people. First, let me thank everyone who took the time to read what I've written and to offer their comments whether in the comment box here, privately via email or on my Facebook page (if you wish, do send me a friend request). Second, I would like to respond, briefly, to to some of the comments that you have offered. My rationale for responding here is two-fold.

First, and somewhat prosaically, my comment software is still a bit wonky. It is getting better, but I am still not getting all your comments in a timely fashion. As a result rather than reading what you write as soon as you post it, I have to go and scan through the comments manually on JS-Kit's web page. Second, as I said above, the comments I have received are particularly substantial and merit I think fuller responses than I can do in the combo box.

My procedure for responding will be as follows.

I will put in the title the of the post both the name of the commentator and the post to which /he is responding. So, for example, “John Smith On 'The Nature of Suffering.'” In the body of my response I will include links both to the original post and the person's comments. As I said because the comments seem to me to be especially good, I plan to do this over the next week or so.

Hopefully this system will not only compensate for technical problems with the comment box but also generate some good conversation and discussion.

Needless to say and as always, your comments, questions and criticisms are not only welcome but actively sought out.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory

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