Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Blog: Orthophile

I have been neglect in giving credit where credit is due to the different blogs I read on a regular basis. To this list (down and on the right) I have added Orthophile a blog I have recently discovered.

The author, Cheryl, describes her blog this way:

Depending on the issue, I may be "Lutheran" or "R. Catholic" or E. Orthodox", even Reformed. Which leads me to the reason I decided to retain the title, "Orthophile" for this blog. In the beginning, it was meant to reflect my primary interest in E. Orthodoxy, but from a Lutheran perspective (I was not planning on converting). Now, it simply reflects my desire to "stay orthodox" as I wade through the various theological opinions, and hopefully come to peace with God (a peace I haven't had for any great length of time, since my childhood).

So do surf over and take a look. In the coming weeks, I hope to add a bit about the other blogs I link to, but for now, go take a look at what's being said at Orthophile.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory

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