Sunday, July 15, 2007

New Blog: Orthophile

I have been neglect in giving credit where credit is due to the different blogs I read on a regular basis. To this list (down and on the right) I have added Orthophile a blog I have recently discovered.

The author, Cheryl, describes her blog this way:

Depending on the issue, I may be "Lutheran" or "R. Catholic" or E. Orthodox", even Reformed. Which leads me to the reason I decided to retain the title, "Orthophile" for this blog. In the beginning, it was meant to reflect my primary interest in E. Orthodoxy, but from a Lutheran perspective (I was not planning on converting). Now, it simply reflects my desire to "stay orthodox" as I wade through the various theological opinions, and hopefully come to peace with God (a peace I haven't had for any great length of time, since my childhood).

So do surf over and take a look. In the coming weeks, I hope to add a bit about the other blogs I link to, but for now, go take a look at what's being said at Orthophile.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory

So, What Is Character?

We are often think of morality in objective terms--as if morality was something like physics. While I would not wish to suggest that morality is purely subjective or relative to the situation, I also think that too much an emphasis on the objective quality of what is morally right and wrong risks overlook, or at least minimizing, the moral character of the actor. I cannot do good unless I am good; likewise it is only by doing the good that I become good. Whatever else it might be

As Orthodox Christians, however, we tend to on dogmatics, liturgics and Church history in a way that tends to shortchange questions of character and character formation. While all these other areas are important, character is the most important element of our spiritual lives since everything passes through character. As Socrates says somewhere, good laws in the hands of evil me make us worse then slaves, they make us fools since by our good laws evil mean are able to rob us of our freedoms.

So what is character?

When I think of character I think of that relatively enduring constellations of thoughts and actions that form my life. If these habits are in the service of personal excellence (another question I know) they are called virtues; if these habits are not in the service of excellence, or worse cause me to be ground down, then they are called vices. Looked at this way, I would say that character refers to whole pattern of virtue and vice in the person (or community for that matter).

In my experience as an Orthodox Christian I have found (and I am willing to be corrected) a rather distressing lack of emphasis in the intentional formation of character. This is especially the case in our seminaries which seem more focused on training men in the academic content of Orthodox theology, chant and liturgics--and sadly the priests imitate this pattern in the parish.

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory

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